Deutches Tapeten Museum & The Cartouche Panel

For those who beside painted walls and bare concrete walls appreciate elaborated wall coverings then Das Deutches Tapeten Museum Kassel is a place to visit.
You will find yourself among a vast collection of historical wall coverings ranging from Gilded Leather, Flock Wallpaper, this is sort of velvet wallpaper, Canvas wallpaper and a whole range of Panoramic wallpapers, just name it, we enjoyed it very much. One Gilded Leather design has been a source of inspiration for our “Cartouche” design.

The original design had no embossing what so ever, but instead had in some areas a punched ornamentation. We have opted for a light embossing, here you see a tapestry of six panels with a Light Gilding and Animals in the cartouches.

A Cartouche with Rich Gilding and Black Background Paint, the cartouche is the result of Lut’s good mood of the day I guess ? The Black and Rich Gilding combination produces a dramatic effect….. Always !


4 thoughts on “Deutches Tapeten Museum & The Cartouche Panel

    1. Times ago the black and gold combination seemed cheap to me. Yet any time a panel was made with what ever sort of gilding and a black background, it always was convincing. In the end, the athmosphere you wand to create will dictate the colour sceme because if Black on Gold is effective, its not refined, its obvious and some times the obviousness repells, here in the case of the Black and Gold Cartouche the eye is captured between the Black & Gold Background and the Cartouche Lut has painted and which balances the panel in a harmonious unity.
      Thanks for you posting Annika

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