The Manufacture

This is a view of workshop .  A look at the wall shows a particularity form the houses in the valley of the Adour, they are build in “Gallet” – “pebbels” form the river. When I think about it, it puzzles me.  All those pebbles dragged out of the river, probably for over a thousand years of building houses, villages and towns.

Till very recently we had our leathers drying in the attic, it’s place I love very much. The oak skeleton is a perfect combination of strength, and elegance.  For the size of the house the attic is overdimentioned, once tabacco was dried in the attic, but I’m convinced they build it that way for the sake of the right proportions of the building.

Pictures : Rodrigo Diaz Wichmann


3 thoughts on “The Manufacture

  1. Wonderful place ! So charming! Must be wonderful to work in!
    Amazing that they used the river pebbles! I LOVE your house and workplace! I hope to visit you once!!!

  2. Dear Greet,
    Of course you are welcome to visit the workshop, come with your family and your dog. He will apreciate the Company of Yoshi our Cavalier. Remember we live in Gascony, for Parisians its ” le bout du monde ” only the brave make it to this remote area.

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