A renovation Project in te US part 3

This project had two distinct parts.

First Part: the Audience Chairs see A renovation Project part 2

Second Part: the more important chairs of the Councilors and the Governor see A renovation Project part 1 and here part 3) the audience chairs were technically made the way we make our leather panels, so there were fairly straight forward. To produce the Councilors and the Governors chair, a bookbinders technique was used, which is the opposite technique than the one we work with. In a nutshell it goes like this, bookbinders will print gilded ornaments on a coloured or painted background, while we apply paint or colour on a gilded background.

The difficulty to reproduce the Councilors Chairs or the Throne of the Governor you have imagine a transparent sheet of material on which you will blindprint the text of the Constitution than you colour the letters black and then you paint the surrounded background white, now you have the text of the Constitution. This is not very efficient system to have the text of the Constitution reproduced. Yet this is the way we had to work to get to the desired result. So we did.

To reproduce the Seat Back of the Councilors Chairs the upholsterer / restorer provided a drawing and a original panel to refer to.


One thought on “A renovation Project in te US part 3

  1. This is amazing work! It is so intresting to know more about your beautiful work!!! Thank you for sharing all this!


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