On New Years eve 2009

The last moments before midnight.

As a sing from the heavens, Aeolus came and soon developed into a storm.

Perhaps 2009 didn’t wand to go, Aeolus helped him understand his reign was to end.

In his enthusiasm Aeolus took us in his ship, sailing.

 The waters, this unstable and shady surface.

Eventually we might reach a shore.

Meanwhile we’re just travelers,

Welcome in 2010… already we can  see a glimpse…










5 thoughts on “2010

  1. Thank you, for visiting our blog and for your comments,
    Wish you all the best for 2010 whether you are from here or from there, Kansas USA or ZA, Mogolia or Patagonia
    Join in, you are invited on Aeolus boat, to travel the seas of 2010.

  2. Hope it is a big boat because all our family wants to sail with you.
    I think it will bee a very pleasent journey!

  3. Dear Fred and Lut,
    Happy new year to you all as well – and yes, I still wait in expectations but thruely I havnt heard anything yet :O)
    I hope you all got into 2010 – I believe and I hope this decade will bring us all even more happynes and joyfull moments
    All my best, Brian
    Ps: Found my love of my life (finally) :O)))))
    Happy New Year!!

  4. SALUT PAPA C’EST GOUD, ta fille, j’ai trouvé comment il marche ton blog wouhou je suis contente, et il est trop bien même si je comprends rien à l’anglais, puis Yochi il est trop magnifique sur cette photo alalal 🙂
    T’es trop un beau gosse, en espérant que les affaires vont marcher et tout ça. bisous ♥ (et toi et maman vous êtes trop beau sur la photo)

    1. Merci Goud,
      Enfin tu a vue le blog sur lequel je travaille depuis quelques années …. ;-))

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