A Renovation Project in the US part 4

This fourth part of the renovation project is the last one I can make a posting on, if there is to be a fifth posting it will be one with pictures of the finished chairs and perhaps some pictures of the room with the chairs in place. At this stage its out of my hands. I’m looking  forward to these pictures myself. 

The Councilors chairs and the Governors throne had skirts arround the seats. These boards were missing. The Upholsterer/Restorer  provided a reconstructed rubbed drawing.

Which along with the archive material, Seat Backs of the Governor’s throne & Seat Back of the Councilors chairs were useful to reproduce accurate drawings

Unfortunately for this posting the pictures of the moulds don’t tell the story. I’ll show pictures of a mould in another posting

The customer made the choise to re-produce panels in replacement for old and worn panels or panels that do no longer exist. This choise is made out of respect for the original arangement and quality of the room, one can’t reproduce the same athmosphere using fabric or a uniform canvas like  material.                                                                                                                                    material.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Because these chairs are to be used they have chosen a slightly aged finish. I would have aged them more, using some heavy patina and homemade tricks to make them look “fatigué ” “tired or used” I have to admit though that unlike leathers that are used for walling, in this case the wear and tear will age them naturally.


One thought on “A Renovation Project in the US part 4

  1. Beautiful! I agree with you that maybe the leather would looks more “tired” by using a heavy patina! Hopefully the chairs will be used every day so that they look tired after some time!

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