Enigmatic Norwegian Panel

 Enigmatic  Norwegian Panel

Last Year, Annika Arvidsen our Swedish Distributor www.lagestapetserarverkstad.se asked us to reproduce a small Panel.

The panels ornated what seems to me like a Baroque chair this is why I first called this panel.

Little Swedish Baroque Panel.

I got this wrong as the chair originally came form Norway and apparently

from Stiftsgarden in Trondheim Norway which is one of the Royal Residences  


In Scandinavia you will find very different styles than those we are familiar with in France.

The questions still stands, what is the origin of this chair, can anyone date this chair.

Is the leather that has been used on this chair of the same period ?

Has any one seen more chairs like these?

Anyone’s educated guess.

Even without answers to all these questions we set to work.

For the fun we have made several versions of this interesting panel

The choise is yours.




4 thoughts on “Enigmatic Norwegian Panel

  1. I love to see the colours you have made for this panel, the result is really wonderful.
    And I agree, it is a very different design of this leather. I hope we will have more information about it all.


  2. Frederic,
    This is a beautiful chair! But it is not difficult to date the chair ! Me either would have said that it is a baroque chair, but if you look to the legs I would say 19th century! Is it an oak or a walnut chair? Oak I guess.
    But anyway the leather samples you made are just stunning! I love the first and the last example.

    Let me know if you know more about the chair! I am interested in!

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