Its a Gardners World

       It takes a lifetime to fashion a garden.

Therefor  when it comes to buying a house, have a close look at the garden.

Which trees have they chosen to plant  and most of all, did the previous owners give the garden a good structure.  

You will find it easy to change well tought of garden into your own garden .

How will you recognize such a garden?

 At first sight, I would be inclined to say.

Unfortunately when we bought the house, there was no garden at all.

 There were some trees in the wrong places.

And  wrong varieties had been chosen.

First we cleaned the garden and started planting …. now 15 years later we are still planting.

 However the garden is coming to maturity, except for the trees,  the main structure we aimed for is getting there.




Gardning is a year arround ongoing pleasure with changing moods

Few months ago


 Yesterday !

The Bowl is made by “Lesbotta”  Agnes Decoux & Serge Bottagisio 

 See the site, we are big supporters of their art.




 This is our little patio with the home build greenhouse,

needs some tidying up actually.  

This too is one of the hidden pleasures of gardning ….



3 thoughts on “Its a Gardners World

    1. Hi Wilmer, we are good, thanks for asking, thank you for paying us a visit once in a while

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