89 X 55 cm match @ 89 X 41 cm

Embarrassing but through we lost track of the origin of the Torino-Passion.

From the top of my head, it’s based on a 17th century Italian archive.

The Torino has a strong “masculine” structure.

The Pomme Grenades are the “feminine” touch of the design.

Recently we  had an order for Torino-Passion  for a famous UK designer.

Here some pictures of the production.

Hand painted as always ..

Drying on the line ..

The first polychrome touches

drying on the floorboards

drying in the workshop…. and then finally..

Crated and ready to Go !

Wishes Frederic


One thought on “Torrino-Passion

  1. Frederic,
    Blij dat je terug bent! Prachtig hoor deze Torino-Passion! Jullie maken echt mooi werk! Je mag er echt fier op zijn!

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