Tatiana Tafur Ltd. Our New U.K. Distributor.

       Lutson Goudleder  has been distributed by George Renwick Ltd

for a long time.

Yet for over two years we have been without a U.K. distributor

 indeed a long time.

However, during this ” Traversée du Désert ” we have talked to many eventual distributors.

 And here we are !

Today we are happy to announce that Lutson Leathers will again be available in the UK.

 Through the services of Tatiana Tafur Ltd

 Managing team  Tatiana Howard and Andy Tolson have started Tatiana Tafur Ltd  back in 1993

They are known their selective range of products among which you will find brand such as.

William Switzer, Neirmannweeks a range of unusual, made to order wall coverings, lighting by Casella and many more.

Their, very nice, King’s Road showroom is worth a visit.





2 thoughts on “Tatiana Tafur Ltd. Our New U.K. Distributor.

  1. Hi Frederic,
    Nice to hear of you again! And congratulations with your new distributor! I am off to their site!
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Hi Greet,
    Thanks for the reply, when you are in London for the Christmas shopping go and see the showroom it’s worth a visit.
    you will get a warm welcome.
    Keep on blogging, I’m at pace now with one posting a month…

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