The Rebel Panels

  The Rebel Panels

 This posting is about things going wrong but ending smelling like roses.

For instance sometimes panels refuse to dry.

Not only God moves in mysterious ways so do our leathers from time to time.

In a series of panels all treated the same way, one would expect all the panels to react the same. They don’t !!  Hidden in the pack there are rebels, sort of terrorists who have nothing but sabotage in their minds (?)

Earlier in 2010 a customer has chosen a rebel panel as THE sample for a major job. Impossible I told him, you can’t reproduced  a Rebel Panel they are unique !

I almost lost the order, saving half, which was already good considering the sabotage act of the Rebel Panel.

My experience is that Rebel Panels are often nicer than the regular ones, so thought my customer.

Here pictures of Rebel Panels

The paint went off while applying the antiquing, creating an unusual and impossible to reproduce pattern.


This lovely Mandarine panel is one of my favorites.

 And this Ottoman Panel with the faded colours.

 Some failiures give birth to beauty.

There is real joy when experiencing this, as witnessing a small Miracle.

 Ponder this.


   The Lutson Team

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