Curule @ the French Design Forum London

The Curule

We are happy to present our new design “Curule” at the occasion of

the French Design Forum.

Source of inspiration for this design was the Curule chair or footstool.

This timeless design was popular since the Roman Empire .

Is was the seat of the Magistrates and to the Powerfull men of the  Roman Empire

In 44 BCE a senate decree granted Julius Ceasar the sella curulis everywhere,

 except in the theatre, where he enjoyed the comfort of a gilded trone and wore a juweled crown

….. putting him on a par with the gods.

Those were the days.

Although often of luxurious construction,

the Roman curule seat was meant to be uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time,

the double symbolism being that the official was expected to carry out his public function

 in an efficient and timely manner, and that his office, being an office of the republic, was temporary, not perennial.

 Quite  brilliant qualities for a  piece of  furniture !


Edwin Booth – Hamlet 1870

The curule chair has curved legs that form an X shape.

This mirrored curve is the basis the design of our Curule panel


Send me a mail for a VIP invitation,

Or simply come and visit us at the show,

The French Design Forum, Shandos House London




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