Tabletops & Elevator Doors

Except for writing desks one hardly thinks of leather as an alternative to make luxurious tabletops.

In this posting I’ll show some tables and tabletops I’ve made over the years.

This is a coffee table in an unusual setting, in the natural light its easy to note the difference between the base of the table made in anthracite silver leather and the tabletop, the center of the top is of the same anthracite silver leather and the border is out of regular silver leather embossed with our rivets print


This is the same table at a show in Kortrijk Belgium.

A detail of the assemblage

For our dining room table, I used aged black leather and inserted a central rectangle of embossed silver croco. The embossing of the croco is  secured  to avoid squeezing out the embossing.

Leather tabletops offer a tactile surprise, one thinks he will touch a metallic surface ad expect it to be cold and hard,

instead of this one sets hands on a warm and friendly surface.

The question about the durability rises all the time.

Invariably I will reply that it’s a tough material our tables are in use for over 10 years and yes they age and wear but they do it gracefully.

Sliding doors of elevators can be lined with leather the same way as the tabletops.

This glamorous person poses in front of an elevator Lined with our Palmettes at,

Hotel Adlon Berlin


Best Wishes



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