Fleurance Circa 1750 Italy,

Originaly gilded leather was fresh, bright, brilliant,  in some ways one could say, flashy.

Yet they avoided the trap of easy and cheap decoration they were rich and opulent, with gold’s and bright colors, though they avoided the trap of  being kitsch.

Gilded leather was powerful and joyful more than an expression of wealth

  This is the spirit we try to recapture

We made this set of 3 Fleurance panels painted on a gilded ground in the way of some Delft china, using  Blue, Green and White paint obviously the Delft china was painted on  a whitish ground.

Few months ago we participated with this set of panels at a conquest “For the intelligence of the hand”    http://intelligencedelamain.com/  this is prestigious prize form the Fondation Bettancourt Schueller.  To cut a long story we didn’t win.

One of the 3 panels forming the tapestry

In our catalogue we said the design dates from circa 1750 and originates from Spain.

Some details, they do matter !!!

Well, Anna Soler form the “Museu del’Arté de la Pel” in Vic near Barcelona says its 18th century and of Italian origin. She is more an expert than I am so I’ll change that in the next edition of the catalogue.

Any way this museum is worth a visit, http://www.euroleather.com/museums/vic.htm#miniatures

Anna Soler wrote a technical and historical text about this design which has been helpful and for which Lut and I thank her very much.

For the fun  here the Fleurance in a different colourway and here in a 4 panels tapestry

Our Fleurance is  similar but by no means an exact match of the original. this is the real story

Lut and I were incognito visiting the museum taking pictures, later we tought about what we saw and decided to reproduce some of these magnificent designs to complete our collection. Once at home we found that the pictures (I took) were of a mediocre quality.  As usual I had to rely on Lut’s skills to produce something in the right spirit.

Here a set of 8 panels.

Best Wishes



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