Bespoke Verentuil

This Verentuil has an Antiqued Gilded ground.

 As background paint a burgundy colour was required.

Instead, Lut decided to use two shades of burgundy in order to accentuate  the central medallion.

Bleu and Pink were also on the list of the designer.

Usualy some of the leaves are painted in shades of greenish earth colour

Here the greens have gone and been replaced by a bluish colour

Finally the pink went on the Plumes forming the central theme.

This Sample goes to our London showroom at Tatiana Tafur Ltd.

It will also help Tatiana or Andy by showing the customer a possible interpretation of his requests.

And it will be easier to make adaptations based on this existing panel than from some  loose colour swatches.

I guess we soon will be updated on the customers comments.

… ?

Best Wishes



3 thoughts on “Bespoke Verentuil

    1. Dear MariTako
      Thank you for your compliments, I look forward to recieve some pictures. I’ll be too happy to advise on these if at least possible.
      Best Wishes

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