Swedish Baroque Chair

This is the back of a Swedish Baroque chair, ornate with the original leather. The seats are worn and lost, the remaining leathers have been removed from the chair and are now stored safely.

color samples have been made at first.

Along with Annika our Swedish distributor http://www.lagestapetserarverkstad.se we discussed the matter of how unusual the Putti looks

Indeed you will notice that he looks like a grown man, which is quite unusual.

The fact is that the we find him not looking like a Putti at all, but a naughty Eros thats what he is !!

The real identity of our Swedish Eros was revealed by Sophie & Jean Marc form www.academiededessin.net

He is no less than Gérard Depardieu 😉


Unfortunately we don’t have a panel with putti’s in our collection.

so we produced 3 Aboncance panels.

The Abondance is from the same style and period. Here painted in a similar coloursceme.

I think the  chairs will look very nice.

As soon as Annika and Leif have the chairs finiched I’ll post some pictures.

As Always



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