Gilt Leather, Verentuil, Leather wall Panel

This Verentuil is part of a set made for our Swedish Distributor Annika Arvidsen from Lages AB

Special attention was given to the metallic background in order to reproduce a

Mother of Pearl effect

Polychrome paint job following the customers specifications  by Lut



Details do matter!

Best Wishes



2 thoughts on “Gilt Leather, Verentuil, Leather wall Panel

  1. being the embossing donr by ptress, the painting is handmade, isn’t it? Do you use oils, and what about the mother-of-pearl efect? how is it done?

    1. Hi Frank,
      Thank you for visiting us, yes we use an embossing press and home made moulds. All the paint are done with oil paints, the mother of pearl effect is done on a silvered ground with transparent paints (hue’s) in fact its not more complicated than woodgraining or marbling, the key is to work on the right ground.
      Best Wishes

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