Polychrome Moncla: Gilt Leather, Cuir de Cordoue

Moncla as  replacement for a worn Gilt Leather seat.

The original leather seat was send to the workshop, it’s always better to have the archive material to see the details

and try to capture the right feel of the panel.


 Thus our Swedish Annika From Lages AB removed the Gilt Leather seat and  made a secure box for shipping.

This 18th century design is interesting  because there is no painted the background.

We are looking at a panel that has polychrome highlights on a gilded ground.

This reduces the interaction of colours which results in a quieter, less dramatic, panel.

We have seen more of these yet the “norm” would be that the background is painted,

in addition to the polychrome highlights and the gilded ground.

They decided to do it differently….. Hey ! This is a free world.


The gilding as an approximation and its, believe me the hardest thing to get right.

All polychrome work in the spirit of the 18th century sample panel.

Some details for you appreciate.




As Always,



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