Ottoman tapestrie on a mantelpiece

It was stormy weather when I passed a day in the Cognac region.

Not for tasting fine wines,  even if I wouldn’t mind to do so.

With the valuable help of Christophe Goursat, I lined an imposing mantelpiece with a tapestry of,

Ottoman Panels  and borders to frame the tapestry

This is a picture “vite fait” later some professional shots will be made, I’ll promise to post them.


The Panel  and the border are in fact extended Silver & Gold versions


Here the result, as you can imagine the both of us had no time for tasting ….


As Always



2 thoughts on “Ottoman tapestrie on a mantelpiece

  1. Hi, first of all congrats, you make stunning panels. I have a query, How do you attach them to walls, Is it with any kind of adhesive? does the wall needs a special surface or treatment? thank you!

    1. Hi Carlo,
      Thank you for your comment and your question
      First the surface treatment depends on the customer requirments, the Ottoman here is glued on a mantelpiece out of natural stone maconery. The wish of the custmer was that this maconery could be seen trough the leather hanging. Depending on the light that falls on the mantelpiece one can see the structure of the maconery reveald by shades and highlights. the big idea was to avoid the feel of “a fake mantelpiece out of plasterboards but lined with some precious leather wallcovering”. I can understand that.
      So indeed on can work on any surface as long as ti is not to absorbant, plasterboarding or woodpaneling needs to be painted firts. You can work directly on any of these surfaces or use a liningpaper which will theoréthically allow pealing off the leather later on.
      Books are written about glues, their applications and formulas. In fact I keep it simple, you can use heavy duty starch glue which is regular heavy duty wallpaper gleu, it needs to be thick, not to liquid. Fiberglass glue is fine too, it allows a better overall control when hanging and positioning the leatherpanels.
      The complete other approach is to assemble the leathers to a tapestrie, if the wall allows this, and hang them as such. Different strory alltogether.
      Best Wishes

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