by Snoeck Publishers

Freshly published this book tells the story of a selection of 20 high end Belgian Artisans

Yes you got it right, we managed to have some lines (and pictures) dedicated to our trade.

The book is the baby of photographer philippe Debeerst he has a passion for crafts

……but not only, see his site

 All the craftsmen/women in this book are considered to be authorities in their particular field.

some are known form their presence online for example

The exceptional woodcarver Partick Damiaens

Or Belgian Blogosphere star Greet Lefèvre from Belgianpearls

Well in fact Greet is in the book because of the family trade:

Solid wood-panelings made to the highest standards.

And many more for you to discover.

Practically the book comes in a Dutch / French version and a French / English version.

The book will be a nice present for this end of the year and….

 it will do well on the coffee table too.

you can order at 40 € each shipping incl

As Always



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