A Matter of Athmosphere, One Gilt Leather design, two athmospheres

The tone of a color, the shine of a metallic ground, the combination of colors, of course, the design itself will dictate the atmosphere of a panel and dramatically influence the aspect of a room.
My guess is that we are all aware of this.
Yet I can’t resist showing two Moncla panels we recently made. Both are Polychrome versions and both have a Gilded ground, yet thats where the comparison ends.
One was shown in the previous post and is now to be seen at Marchand-Mercier Paris.


This Moncla with its Flat Silver Gilded Ground and bottle green background paint feels
distant and cold despite the use of the red for berry’s fruits and flowers.
I find it businesslike and can imagine it in the lobby of a lawyer’s office.


While this Moncla with its dominating Rich Gilded Ground and transparent brunt earth background belongs in an elaborated private setting.
Perhaps in a hallway leading to the main living room.
Just name it.
It feels warm and serene despite the blue-green fruits and flowers. Opulence might be the right word.



When ordering panels or samples, mind a good and complete beefing as at Lutson, everything is bespoke.

We will make a panel look the way you expect it to.

As Always


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