Gilt Leather sheathed chest. Coffre gainé de Cuir de Cordoue. Goudleer Koffer.

A Leather Sheathed Chest.
The Gilt Leather skin turns it into a precious object.
Perhaps this chest will be used to store some valuables,
souvenirs form long gone times.
Perhaps it will be used to protect an even more precious work of art.
Surely enough it’s not going to end up stored in a dusty attic.
Hidden and forgotten for generations.



Elise Blouet covered the chest with the Lutson Ottoman panel, for the corners of the chest she used Dots & Crosses form our “prints” collection.
Elise is a renowned art restorer. Besides this activity she takes on challenging jobs as the one here illustrated. She also is the person behind “Wulphy & Wyatt” on her site you will see some of her Travel and Polo bags
I’ll post more info and pictures of the chest as soon as the inside will be finished and the chest installed in its unique setting.


As Always



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