Axel Vervoordt at the NY Tefaf

Few days ago Greet Lefèvre from Belgian Pearls published a posting about Axel Vervoordt’s booth at the NY Tefaf

She sourced the pictures from Vervoordt’s Facebook page and I do just the same

I’m indeed a great admirer of Vervoordt’s work. He has a way of selecting quality Art, objects, furniture and accessories and bring them together in an wonderfully complicated yet ordered way. All sits in the right place and its been thought of, even though it seems as if this is merely an accumulation of information and the result a lucky hand.


Here a vue d’ensemble of Vervoordt’s booth


Note: Alongside the central cupboard a gilt leather screen.


Above the arches a faded wall paper blends in with the carved wood, this type of wall paper design is a great classic, we have a similar design in our collection the “Domino” as illustrated here under, with the right colour scheme it would be a close match.


Unfortunately we have not been involved in this wonderful project, but we could have ….

As proves this amazing interior.




We supplied Lauderdale panels for the walls, the panels are separated by Cabochon borders.  Inside the hidden bar they used the  Abondance and Marot border.


The inside of the door is lined with Soleil panels, framed by Marot borders at the top and bottom of the door and cabochon borders alongside the Soleil panels to span the width of the door with embossed gilt leather.

As Always




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