Ancient, leather bird-flask


This funny bird is long time companion of us, we bought it ages ago in our home town, Ghent.

Its a drinking flask, in which one could transport some brandy for his personal comfort during the longer walks or hunting party’s in wintertime.

Snow and cold wears one down and than a sip from the flask will brighten the spirits and lift up the moods.

On these walks it was not uncommon to meet some acquaintance, than all of a sudden the flask becomes a partner in a merry gathering.

The leather from the flask was shaped in the form of a bird, the screw plug is made in horn. There is a seal painted on the belly I believe it to be a brand but its unreadable.

The flask is painted in a superficial way yet not without artistry, to me the bird looks a little sad, maybe because he is out of use for such a long time?

Where was this flask made ? I think it could have been made any-where in eastern or northern Europe. I did as we all do nowadays, I googled along but google avoided my questions by serving me  obviously wrong answers. Google knows a lot but this time google was mute.

So the 50 pence question is there for you readers to ponder.

Where and When was this flask made ?  If you should have the answer to this enigma, or even the slightest hint that will help us forward, do not hesitate to contact me.


Here a view of the seal of the brand
A view of the parted horn made screw plug

Yours As Always



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