Second Empire, the Napoleon III style Gilt Leather

 Moncla panel in the Second Empire Style

Its said that the Second Empire style is sort of mic mac of all styles from all periods.

It ends up being a complex, subtle and creative style.

Dwellings are comfortable, stately and made to entertain in a lavish way.

                       Inspiration for the Moncla here under came from a

small period papier-maché table top.



Thank you for reading me. Without you this blog would be pointless.

As Always



5 thoughts on “Second Empire, the Napoleon III style Gilt Leather

    1. Hi Emma Jane
      thank you for your comment Lovely blog you have, great traveler you are! Carry on like this in 2018 😉
      best wishes

  1. Your work is so beautiful! I am interested in learning more about leather embossing. Do you have any books to recommend? Thank you.

    1. Hi Tammy,
      Thank you for your comments. I have some books on historical Gilt Leather and that’s it. There must be some technical books and and on YouTube you will find some videos of how to do the embossing. We work with a press and embossing molds.
      Our Swedish distributor, Annika Arvidson does some hand embossing perhaps she will be able to help you
      any way if you have questions dot hesitate to contact me trough
      Best Wishes & happy 2018

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