Larvik Museum Norway

Larvik Museum,

The Panel above was made for Larvik Museum few years ago.  Its function was to show a posible renovation for a set of chairs which needed care, also to induce fund raising for this project.

The sample panel was dispayed in our catalogue and franckly I thought the project dead. This order proves I have to reconsider the defenition of “dead”!  As this seemingly dead the project, was after all alive, as in a SiFi movie.

I didn’t make pictures during the manufacturing process, till … the thought downed to do so and indeed I took 2 pictures while my camera can store a 1000 pictures, maybe i’m not a strong commercial thinker after all ?

The panels were ordered by Lages AB our Swedish distributor and upholsterers  working for hertitage and interior designers.

Once the chairs have found their place in the Larvik Museum I hope to get more pictures, which I will be glad to share in a following posting.

As Always


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