Cuirs Dorés ” Cuirs de Cordoue” un Art Européen.

Cuirs Dorés “cuirs de Cordoue” un Art Européen.

Jean-Pierre Fournet

Editions Monelle – Hayot


This book will inform you in the technical matters of the gilt leather trade. Monsieur Fournet retraces for your benefit the geographical evolution of the trade and the fashion of the giltleather tapestries. He travelled for decades to see the ancient leathers in situ.  Mr. Fournet knows which design sits in the cellars of which museum because he was there! He indexed and photographed and eventually told the conservators what sort of gilt leather they had in stock.

The nearly 400 pages counting book is just out, I don’t doubt that it will become a work of reference in this specific field.

Definitely worthwhile, today, available in French, I hope soon an English edition we see daylight.

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2 thoughts on “Cuirs Dorés ” Cuirs de Cordoue” un Art Européen.

  1. quite a fantastic book : gorgeous photos, plenty of research and new materials !! I may disagree in few paragraphs, doesn’t matter. By this time I’m ending a book in Spanish, dedicated to my gilt leather teacher Carmen Bernier, that passed away in 2017 in Cordoba; it’s the Inquisition process of a spanish slave working in downyown Lisbon in 1610 (but bought in Cordoba by late 16th c as a kid), said again words against Christianity and back to prison for 1 year… I’ve read plenty on slavery and a new chapter took life. The book of Tomar is having new findings, as my 2 wooden moulds have worked magnificently ! and the thick gilt leather book is having new paragraphts, thanks to few academics, new readings, archaic docs, and longing to receive a 100 references of altar fronts in whole Portugal, 16-17th c., inc few figurative and even name of some makers. All very slowly, drop by drop, writing takes time and I’m not professional and must control the computor.

    My best regards! Much Health in these strange times !!!!!!!

  2. Hi Franklin, long time since I last heard from you, I presume you are doing well in these troubled times.
    The book is a good one but as I said I just looked at the pictures and tried to grasp how Mr Fournet build his arguments, but all this superficially.
    What I like about your work is that you go through the trouble of making gilt leather and writing about it, sounds like a double punishment ;)) I look forward to your book on the Portuguese Antependia.
    Take care and best regards

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