Get that gilt-leather right !!


First of all one has to understand a customers wishes, a good briefing is essential.


This understanding needs to get visualised as well as possible in the sample panel we will produce.


When the sample panel is made, one can still work the subject and make sublte alterings to  come closer to the customers wishes.

Those are the 3 major steps.

This is one and the same Verne panel going through the 3 stages.

First: A version in which honney colours are dominant, note that there is but little contrast in the panel.

Second: We added a burgundy and a greenish colour in the central theme and corners. This panel is more contrasted.

Thirth: To reduce the contrast and to give the panel a subdued feel we added a coat of antiquing.

Verne: Honney colours

Verne + burgundy and green

Verne + antiquing

Here we are, the panel can still evolve but only by adding paint or antiquing. There is no way back …

The Verne is one of our larger designs 102 x 78 cm it’s made out of two parts.

As Always




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