Plaisance a poly-chrome Gilt-leather panel

The Plaisance was inpired by a circa 1750 design which is to be seen in the Museum Plantin Moretus, Antwerp. The Plaisance is very close to the original panel we magnefied the design, the result is that the flowers are large, thus more detailed and the stems and leaves are stronger and more detailed as well.

— The sample panel was made over 25 years ago it’s to be seen at John Nelson Inc our Miami distributor whom placed the order.

— Here under the panel we supplied J. Nelson Inc.

— The A to Z of the painting of a poly-chrome panel

— Above: The panel is embossed, gilded and antiqued this is the basis on which we start painting.

— The basis colour of the leaves is applied.

— All the basis colours of the flowers are applied

— Again several stages further: the flowers have been painted and the leaves had some shades applied.

— Now the nerving of the leaves and highlights on leaves and stems are painted.

— To bond the colours and downtone the gilding we antique the panels once more

— The panel on the left side of the picture above is a new panel the one on the right side is the original panel… All done, now packing !

Ready for shipping, thank you for reading me if you wish to contact me please do, Contact John Nelson, website :

As always


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