Lut & Frederic

“As good as old Better than new “

Général de Gaulle could have commented this quote with his famous words
“Vaste programme”

Indeed it is, we’ve tried to make this quote ours, manufacturing leathers that looks ancient, with the same commitment to quality as in the glorious days of the
gilded leather.

From the remote area of Gascony you will be invited to share daily life, architecture, arts and perhaps even some Gastronomie.

The Lutson Team: Lut, Fevy and Frederic


4 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you for the compliments & considering working with us, I’ll send a brochure ….

  1. My complements on your beautiful work. Gilded Leather had a peculiar use in 16th century Ireland–English writers mention “a scul (helmet) covered with gilded leather and crested with otter skin” and “Checklaton… that kind of gilded leather with which they used to embroider their jacks.” (quilted leather armour). They criticized this armour–worn at all times by Irish nobles–as looking “like a player’s painted coat.” So it resembled an actor’s stage clothing! I believe the pattern (Checklaton) was otherwise known as “fretatus de auro”–fretted with gold. I see the photo you have posted of “leathers drying in the attic”–this pattern is close to the idea of “fretatus de auro” and unlike the floral designs which seem to be more popular. If you will reply, I can send an old illustration that shows these gilded leather armours. I would very much appreciate your thoughts on what it might be! I believe it was imported from Spain…

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