New Bond Street: in a VIP room


New Bond Street

An unique room

Made for unique people


“Lauderdale” : A gilt leather wallcovering



Yours Truly



Gilt leather for contemporary eclectic interiors

At Lutson we are known for our gilt leather reproductions.

Even though interior designers are our main clientèle.

What we try to do is to adapt this ancient craft to the demands of the designers,

this with out denaturing the essence of the craft.

And not loosing our soul in the whole process.

At the occasion of Maison & Object I had a long meeting with our Miami distributor

John Nelson

At his request we made a set of samples which you can see in his Miami Showroom.

First originality, he asked for some designs for a solid painted background no metallic showing

combined with a mastered “ton sur ton” painting

 Here two Almohadon panels for the collection

The arches around the shelves have been painted in metallic oil paint







The already popular design Eve from the Brinkmann Collections by Lutson.

Also a solid painted background, the embossed ornaments were painted









The Lauderdale fully painted as well






Soon to come the other samples ordered by John Nelson.

All this and so much more to be seen in John’s Miami showroom

As Always


Style and Glamour on the Millenium Catwalk

Autumn – Winter Collection of Atelier Versace. 1999 – 2000

around the 2nd minute you will see some Diva’s dressed in

Lutson’s Abondance, Silvered with Gilded Birds and Beige background

If you were to look at the complete video I wouldn’t blame you.

You will see Stars and Dazzling Bombshells.

Video by Fashion Channel

As Always


Antependium or Gilt leather Altarpiece in the church of Mont

Finaly, here some pictures of the Antependium of the church of Mont


Verentuil Antependium they have chosen “blend in colours”

Mont is located in the French department of the Hautes Pyrenées

Way in the mountains close to the Spanish Border


The interior of the church is just restored, it took a team of three painters  two years

to restore the wall paintings.

The Church of st Bartolomeo was build in the 12 century and  embellished as time passed by.

Last added was the altarpiece at the end of the 17th century


Next to the alter my friend Alain Lacoste from Atelier 32 the excellent restorers whom took care of the altarpiece


amazingly enough the old altarpiece, which was a painted fresco type altarpiece was conserved behind the “new” sculpted altarpiece.

Mont is tiny village of less than 100 inhabitants, in the 80’s they were less than 20 inhabitants !

Yet, amidst this little community they build this treasure.


Yours Truly


Lutson Leathers at ISGM Boston

The Tapestry Room at ISGM

Chairs With Lutson Leathers in the actual setting at ISGM Picture coutrtecy of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

I’m quite an amateur of the eclectic mix of contemporary furniture  and antiques.

Or antique furniture with modern art.

I love the lived-in interiors, not too neat nor too neglected, rooms filled with memories and faded colours.

This dining area in the Tapestry Room at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is in his “medieval” ways just splendid.

  At ISGM they describe the Tapestry Room as follows:

“The Tapestry Room is one of the few galleries affording room to wander freely. The sense of space and openness that visitors will discover in the restored Tapestry Room will be amazing—and unexpected for many—and a celebration of Gardner’s original vision.”

—Gianfranco Pocobene, Head of Conservation

While  the Tapestry Room was being restored we were asked to reproduce the Giltleather for the dining room chairs .

Some of the original leather panels traveled to our workshop and in cooperation with the conservators we provided new Giltleather.

Korfus on a chair for ISGM Picture courtesy of Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

From the original Giltleather some was gone beyond salvation, mostly the seats.


One back of a chair, though severely damaged, was in good enough, readable state to allow us to recreate the right gilding and the matching colour palette.


The design that lined the chairs is the one we call the “Korfus” and it’s actualy one of the first moulds we made,I believe  it will stay on the catalogue ….. forever !

  Pictures above are courtesy of Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Boston. Many thanks.

As Always


Swedish Baroque Chair

This is the back of a Swedish Baroque chair, ornate with the original leather. The seats are worn and lost, the remaining leathers have been removed from the chair and are now stored safely.

color samples have been made at first.

Along with Annika our Swedish distributor we discussed the matter of how unusual the Putti looks

Indeed you will notice that he looks like a grown man, which is quite unusual.

The fact is that the we find him not looking like a Putti at all, but a naughty Eros thats what he is !!

The real identity of our Swedish Eros was revealed by Sophie & Jean Marc form

He is no less than Gérard Depardieu 😉


Unfortunately we don’t have a panel with putti’s in our collection.

so we produced 3 Aboncance panels.

The Abondance is from the same style and period. Here painted in a similar coloursceme.

I think the  chairs will look very nice.

As soon as Annika and Leif have the chairs finiched I’ll post some pictures.

As Always


Bespoke Verentuil

This Verentuil has an Antiqued Gilded ground.

 As background paint a burgundy colour was required.

Instead, Lut decided to use two shades of burgundy in order to accentuate  the central medallion.

Bleu and Pink were also on the list of the designer.

Usualy some of the leaves are painted in shades of greenish earth colour

Here the greens have gone and been replaced by a bluish colour

Finally the pink went on the Plumes forming the central theme.

This Sample goes to our London showroom at Tatiana Tafur Ltd.

It will also help Tatiana or Andy by showing the customer a possible interpretation of his requests.

And it will be easier to make adaptations based on this existing panel than from some  loose colour swatches.

I guess we soon will be updated on the customers comments.

… ?

Best Wishes


The Dragon

The Dragon 1745  – 1760

The Dragon is the only “real” Rococo design in our collection.

It was made in the right period of time, undoubtedly by a talented ornamentalist. Just looking at the quality of the sculpture tells the story.

Rococo is all about Grotto’s and Rocaille. Nature is slightly twisted, its sensual, unusual and fascinating, it creates an environment that helps escaping the threats of the real world.

Escape reality and live in your own beautiful world was the message. It was the privileged and yet fearing situation of those who lived at the court in Versailles under the reign of Louis XV

Dragons lived in grottos. That’s why the Dragon fits in the whole picture with natural ease. It’s rooted in the romantic European past and it’s venerated in the exotic and in those days unreachable Far East.

The ornamentalists thought it had to be a special Dragon not one breathing fire and sulfur, not one that kills and leaves behind a scene of desolation and destruction.

It had to be the most kind of Dragons a Dragon that gives life and beauty, a reassuring Dragon. The Good Dragon had to be a female Dragon that breathes water from which the Flowers sprout and Life spreads in all its generous beauty.

 In 2002 the “Deutsche Tapetenmuseum” Kassel

purchased the Dragon tapestries that were fitted in a room form “Kasteel De List”  in Shoten near Antwerp

Das Tapetenmuseum has a fabulous collection worth a visit.