Antependium or Gilt leather Altarpiece in the church of Mont

Finaly, here some pictures of the Antependium of the church of Mont


Verentuil Antependium they have chosen “blend in colours”

Mont is located in the French department of the Hautes Pyrenées

Way in the mountains close to the Spanish Border


The interior of the church is just restored, it took a team of three painters  two years

to restore the wall paintings.

The Church of st Bartolomeo was build in the 12 century and  embellished as time passed by.

Last added was the altarpiece at the end of the 17th century


Next to the alter my friend Alain Lacoste from Atelier 32 the excellent restorers whom took care of the altarpiece


amazingly enough the old altarpiece, which was a painted fresco type altarpiece was conserved behind the “new” sculpted altarpiece.

Mont is tiny village of less than 100 inhabitants, in the 80’s they were less than 20 inhabitants !

Yet, amidst this little community they build this treasure.


Yours Truly



Chateau De Salles: F-32370 Salles d’Armagnac

Par la Gascogne 

Qui vit nîatre 


Par le vin de nos coteaux 

qui donne notre Armagnac 

par tout ce qui fit grand 

notre pays, 

en héritier spirituel 

Du chevalier de Batz, 

Comte d’Artagnan, 

Je jure de toujours respecter 

cette eau-de-vie merveilleuse 

qui a nom 


Source de toutes les vertus viriles 

et de tous les enthousiasmes féminins. 

By Gascony Where d’Artagnan was born. By the wine of our hillsides which gives our Armagnac, by all which made our country important, spiritual heir of the knight of Batz, Count d’ Artagnan, I swear to respect always this wonderful brandy which has name ARMAGNAC Source of all the virile virtues and all the feminine enthusiasms. 

        This is the oath of  the  “Compagnie des Mousketaires de l’Armagnac” it could be considered like a good example of Gascon Panache 

                                  Here some Pictures of  the Chateau De Salles (Salles d’Aramagnac) enjoy them, I’ve enjoyed the Aramagnac  









The owner of Chateau De Salles a master distiller in his half – burried Armangnac storehouse, the climate in the storehouse is ideal for the developpment of the Armagnac . 



 As an introduction to the region we are living in I have made the obvious choise of a monument linked with the Armagnac the classy Eau-De-Vie from Gascony. To be tasted in small quantities, it prickles the nose and drinks like velvet. The older Gasons (and so do I) empty their cup of coffee and pour some Armagnac in the warm cup, all the aromas can  develope  and surround you with their gentleness blended with the last rest of the warm coffee this is ” Savoir Vivre” a la Gascon.

Just at our doorstep begins the Armagnac region,  the Armagnac appellation has several areas, the best is the Bas Armagnac and coming from the Pyrenees you enter this region at Termes d’Armagnac. From that once mighty castle only the dungeon stands, but what a dungeon it is, overwhelming, with views over the valleys of the Adour and the Arros. Build by Jean d’Armagnac in 1280  a companion of Jeanne d’Arc. Termes d’Armagnac is a fine example of early gothic military architecture .