Domino Panel “Cuir de Cordoue” or “Gilt leather” panels

Domino panel 80 X 56 cm / 31,5 X 22,05 inch

 The Domino was one of the designs that were supposed to form the core of a wallpaper collection that never saw daylight.

Sad ? I don’t think so, we integrated the designs in our Gilt Leather collection, where they develop a happy career.

We didn’t change the name « Domino » even though is was a reference to the domino wallpapers from the early 18th century, at the end of the day our wallpaper collection would have been classified as domino wallpaper so we thought it was a good name altogether

The design itself is an interpretation of a 16th century sample of a Spanish leather form

the collection of  the “Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas”   Madrid.

Here the picture from the reference work by John W. Waterer «  Spanish Leathers »


 The design is a great classic.

We wanted it less dramaticthan the original sample panel.

Here the pattern is painted on a stamped gilt ground.

For our Domino Lut sculpted the mould so that the pattern is embossed,

ornaments can always be added. …

As shown here


The recently launched Silver and Gold collection is already going into another direction thanks to the  ever creative mind of Tatiana Tafur, she asked  for a Silver & Transparent Aubergine combination…..

This is what we made.


 Here a set of 4 panels


Best Wishes