Larvick Museum Chairs / Lages Upholsterers / Lutson Leathers

The Baroque chairs as they came from Larvick Museum, Norway.

What happened to the Larvick chairs at the Lages upholsterers facility in Nora Sweden.


This is Master Leif and behold, he means business !


Master Leif attacking precious Lutson leathers with his hammer !

After hours of removing all the sick internals, putting in new springs, horse-hair, stuffing and canvas, after hours of cutting with dexterity and hammering like mad, but alert and vigilant so the hand and the hammer do what the mind orders. Its time for Mistress Annika to appear, sharp eyed to judge the work done.

Leif worked hard, Annika inspected severly and found the work excellent !

Mistress Annika taking the pose.


A detail: note the nice trimming cut from the excess of a panel its perfectly positioned and hold in place with the appropriated copper studs.


The Lages Team, top upholsterers !


As Always





Larvik Museum Norway

Larvik Museum,

The Panel above was made for Larvik Museum few years ago.  Its function was to show a posible renovation for a set of chairs which needed care, also to induce fund raising for this project.

The sample panel was dispayed in our catalogue and franckly I thought the project dead. This order proves I have to reconsider the defenition of “dead”!  As this seemingly dead the project, was after all alive, as in a SiFi movie.

I didn’t make pictures during the manufacturing process, till … the thought downed to do so and indeed I took 2 pictures while my camera can store a 1000 pictures, maybe i’m not a strong commercial thinker after all ?

The panels were ordered by Lages AB our Swedish distributor and upholsterers  working for hertitage and interior designers.

Once the chairs have found their place in the Larvik Museum I hope to get more pictures, which I will be glad to share in a following posting.

As Always