Gilt Leather Pen Case

Lut’s gilt leather  fountain pen case.

Made from a cutting of underneath  Plaisance Panel

Clumsy sewing with cord by yours truly.

The pen is a Platinum President Made in Japan

If you have gilt leather cuttings, use them !

As Always



From Reverie to Freedom

Megayacht Reverie was build in year 2000,  built by Benetti, with a length of 70 meter a beam of 12,5m and her seven decks, Reverie, the ultimate mega luxury motor yacht is the largest yacht built in Italy in the last fifteen years. This fabulous vessel of 1500 tons combines the space of a cruising ship with the richness and luxury of a magnificent megayacht. The interior design and decor were entrusted to the famous English designer John Munford, who proposed classic furnishing in dark mahogany and walnut. The furniture is in Regency and Imperial English style with vaulted ceilings showing fresco paintings. Columns, pilasters and capitals with floral design have been widely used, as well as a profusion of exclusive marbles. Every single detail has been carefully selected in order to make this yacht a very exclusive and unique vessel.

As it went, in the millennium year we supplied gilt leather for this magnificent yacht,  John Munford had them fitted in the boiseries of the main dining room. The leathers were purchased at Renwick & Clarcke ltd our UK distributors at that time

Reverie eventually was sold and re-baptized Freedom and here you got the explanation for the title of this posting.

DCF 1.0

A view of the yacht in a bay of an Italian town (?) I’m aware that the perspective is in the advantage of the yacht, nevertheless it looks impressive.


This is the only picture of the dining room I could find online. At the far end one can see the gilt leather, above the dado rail you see Verentuil  panels, under the dado rail  you will note the Lauderdale panels with their characteristic lozenge design. This is not all, framing the elaborated ceiling just before the mahogany cornice you will recognize Marot Borders in a Gilded & Cream version.

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Second Empire, the Napoleon III style Gilt Leather

 Moncla panel in the Second Empire Style

Its said that the Second Empire style is sort of mic mac of all styles from all periods.

It ends up being a complex, subtle and creative style.

Dwellings are comfortable, stately and made to entertain in a lavish way.

                       Inspiration for the Moncla here under came from a

small period papier-maché table top.



Thank you for reading me. Without you this blog would be pointless.

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In the workshop

This to share some pictures of an order we have been working on lately.                 I took the pictures while the work was in process which means that what you see are unfinished panels. At least these pictures give en idea of what kept us locked in the studio for some time.

Meanwhile these have arrived at destination in Macau


And Ottoman panels with a mother-of-pearl metallic ground.

Trellis and polkadots are of course hand painted.

As Always, made with Passion & Savoir Faire






Rose & Tulip Border

Dutch scholar Eloy Koldeweij in his book “Goudleer-Kinkarakawa” states the border originates from Amsterdam around 1660. On page 123 there is a picture of this border form the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

French scholar Henri Clouzot in his book “Cuirs décorés ” 1920                 pictures on page XI of book 2 a Rose & Tulip border form the collection of the Museum “Vleeshuis” Antwerp. He dates the panel simply as 17th century and originating form Flanders.                                                                                                                                           The border pictured by H. Clouzot is attached to a panel, when looked closely at one can see some putti and as central theme a fruit basket perhaps an allegory on the abundance ?

The Border we have was originally a reproduction made for restoration purposes by Van Herck Antwerp, a dynasty of antique dealers and restores. I was told the wooden blocks to reproduce the leather panels on cardboard paper were made at the end of the 19th century yet flipping a bend edge revealed a stamp of Van Herck dated 1925. This doesn’t proof the mould was made in the early 20th century yet I confess I would have expected to see 1892 for ex.

As you can see the border is framed by a cabochon and diamonds edge which we unfortunately have not on our border as the original panel we took the print from had a poor definition of this part of the sculpture event though it looks good on the picture.

Eventually it would be worth while to dig into the history of the Van Herck family in Antwerp …… maybe later……

Here another detail of our Rose & Tulip Border

As Always


Lutson Modern

Lutson Modern by Luttylux

In the new catalogue I’ve added a binding about Lut’s art.

Works can be seen and purchased  on the site

From the 21 of April 2017 on several works will be shown during an exhibition at the

Galerie Koustak in Fources France

Here a selection of works to be shown


 Canvas 85 X 90 cm


Canvas 75 X 75 cm


Canvas 85 X 90 cm


Ink on Paper 25 X 35 cm

An extract from Lut’s biography

Despite her classic education her art is resolutely contemporary.

Drawing and painting is a passion that never left Lut and its with constant renewed energy and vision that she explores unbeaten paths. In her work she mixes techniques and mediums.

She makes bas-reliefs, paints or draws with ample, strong and harmonious movements.

She uses charcoal and includes in her works techniques that escapes the control of her leading hand, thus reflecting the incertitude of our daily life.

Her architectural mind setting reflects in the way she builds her works, often with underlying geometrical patterns and by the use of construction materials. She pays great attention to perspectives and optical effects.

She claims her work is a reflection and expression of her inner self, showing ordered anarchy in a confined environment.

As Always



Ancient, leather bird-flask


This funny bird is long time companion of us, we bought it ages ago in our home town, Ghent.

Its a drinking flask, in which one could transport some brandy for his personal comfort during the longer walks or hunting party’s in wintertime.

Snow and cold wears one down and than a sip from the flask will brighten the spirits and lift up the moods.

On these walks it was not uncommon to meet some acquaintance, than all of a sudden the flask becomes a partner in a merry gathering.

The leather from the flask was shaped in the form of a bird, the screw plug is made in horn. There is a seal painted on the belly I believe it to be a brand but its unreadable.

The flask is painted in a superficial way yet not without artistry, to me the bird looks a little sad, maybe because he is out of use for such a long time?

Where was this flask made ? I think it could have been made any-where in eastern or northern Europe. I did as we all do nowadays, I googled along but google avoided my questions by serving me  obviously wrong answers. Google knows a lot but this time google was mute.

So the 50 pence question is there for you readers to ponder.

Where and When was this flask made ?  If you should have the answer to this enigma, or even the slightest hint that will help us forward, do not hesitate to contact me.


Here a view of the seal of the brand
A view of the parted horn made screw plug

Yours As Always


Rococo Dragon

A while ago we made two versions of a poly-chrome Dragon: one on a antiqued silvered ground with no background painting and the other one a poly-chrome panel on a silvered ground and the background painted in an aubergine colour.

Here the version on a silvered ground
And this one with the aubergine colour painted background


As you can see from this picture the panel with the painted background was chosen.

This is the only picture I have form this project, probably taken with an I-phone, at least it gives us some idea of the final result.

It also illustrates how hard it is to get good pictures of interiors we supplied leathers for.

Though I regret it I also understand the meaning of the word “discretion” perhaps its the price to pay to be involved and work for high-end designers and their anonymous clients.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year                            May this blessed season engage the whole world in a conspiracy of peace and love.

Always Yours