Where we breed Dragons

Dragon panels drying in the workshop

In European mythology, the word dragon derives from two separate Greek words. One word means “a huge serpent or snake” and the other means “I see clearly”. Dragons in European traditions have wings, allowing them to soar freely above, resulting in a perspective that encompasses a huge panorama below. In this context, dragons can be thought to symbolize the ability to see the “big picture” as well as the ability to see far off danger or future circumstances.

European dragons are fire spitting evil forces.

Chinese or Feng shui dragons on the other hand are exuberant, playful, beneficent creatures that live on land as well as in water and in the air. They are associated with spring rains and water and are symbols of abundant life, strength, fertility, and prosperity.

Myths change over time. Oral traditions were not there only, to reproduce the exact tales told by the ancients. They were a basis for talented storytellers to catch the attention of an audience and storytellers have fantasy thus myths muted, stories changed and our perception on a subject or personage changed too.

If there must still be storytellers around the campfire, the main stories are told on media and travel the world in seconds, if the story is well told it is imprinted in our minds in its new updated from.

I don’t doubt the influence of series like Game of Thrones, and the influence they had on our perception of dragons I believe there will be a before and and after.

In Game of Thrones dragons are massive, flying reptiles that can breathe fire onto their enemies and cook their food with the same flame. They are rumored to have a strong connection to magic which seems to be proven true when magic begins to return to the world after the birth of the first three in over two hundred years. Dragons possess awesome and devastating power, capable of laying waste to armies and burning entire cities to ashes. Men who were able to tame and ride dragons as beasts of war used them to burn their enemies and forge vast empires across the continents.

At Lutson we breed Dragons since many years, Lutson Dragons are European dragons in their physical appearance. Our Dragons are exclusively female and are a magical mix of the European and the Chinese Dragons they are winged and spit water producing flowers and abundant life.

Lo and Behold its still a Dragon

The Dragon panel is a reproduction of a mid 18th century Flemish design.

In our collection we have a 17th century panel in which a tiny dragon sits on a branch, innocent and cute.

Baby Dragon from 1650


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Rose & Tulip Border

Dutch scholar Eloy Koldeweij in his book “Goudleer-Kinkarakawa” states the border originates from Amsterdam around 1660. On page 123 there is a picture of this border form the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

French scholar Henri Clouzot in his book “Cuirs décorés ” 1920                 pictures on page XI of book 2 a Rose & Tulip border form the collection of the Museum “Vleeshuis” Antwerp. He dates the panel simply as 17th century and originating form Flanders.                                                                                                                                           The border pictured by H. Clouzot is attached to a panel, when looked closely at one can see some putti and as central theme a fruit basket perhaps an allegory on the abundance ?

The Border we have was originally a reproduction made for restoration purposes by Van Herck Antwerp, a dynasty of antique dealers and restores. I was told the wooden blocks to reproduce the leather panels on cardboard paper were made at the end of the 19th century yet flipping a bend edge revealed a stamp of Van Herck dated 1925. This doesn’t proof the mould was made in the early 20th century yet I confess I would have expected to see 1892 for ex.

As you can see the border is framed by a cabochon and diamonds edge which we unfortunately have not on our border as the original panel we took the print from had a poor definition of this part of the sculpture event though it looks good on the picture.

Eventually it would be worth while to dig into the history of the Van Herck family in Antwerp …… maybe later……

Here another detail of our Rose & Tulip Border

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Lutson Modern

Lutson Modern by Luttylux

In the new catalogue I’ve added a binding about Lut’s art.

Works can be seen and purchased  on the site luttylux.blogspot.fr

From the 21 of April 2017 on several works will be shown during an exhibition at the

Galerie Koustak in Fources France


Here a selection of works to be shown


 Canvas 85 X 90 cm


Canvas 75 X 75 cm


Canvas 85 X 90 cm


Ink on Paper 25 X 35 cm

An extract from Lut’s biography

Despite her classic education her art is resolutely contemporary.

Drawing and painting is a passion that never left Lut and its with constant renewed energy and vision that she explores unbeaten paths. In her work she mixes techniques and mediums.

She makes bas-reliefs, paints or draws with ample, strong and harmonious movements.

She uses charcoal and includes in her works techniques that escapes the control of her leading hand, thus reflecting the incertitude of our daily life.

Her architectural mind setting reflects in the way she builds her works, often with underlying geometrical patterns and by the use of construction materials. She pays great attention to perspectives and optical effects.

She claims her work is a reflection and expression of her inner self, showing ordered anarchy in a confined environment.

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Gilt leather for contemporary eclectic interiors

At Lutson we are known for our gilt leather reproductions.

Even though interior designers are our main clientèle.

What we try to do is to adapt this ancient craft to the demands of the designers,

this with out denaturing the essence of the craft.

And not loosing our soul in the whole process.

At the occasion of Maison & Object I had a long meeting with our Miami distributor

John Nelson http://jnelsoninc.com

At his request we made a set of samples which you can see in his Miami Showroom.

First originality, he asked for some designs for a solid painted background no metallic showing

combined with a mastered “ton sur ton” painting

 Here two Almohadon panels for the collection

The arches around the shelves have been painted in metallic oil paint







The already popular design Eve from the Brinkmann Collections by Lutson.

Also a solid painted background, the embossed ornaments were painted









The Lauderdale fully painted as well






Soon to come the other samples ordered by John Nelson.

All this and so much more to be seen in John’s Miami showroom

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Heerenveen “Tuymelaarhuis” Gilt Leather / Goudleer / Cuir de Cordoue

Tuymelaarhuis Heerenveen


Mr. Wiebren Dijkstra

Hanging onto his paint brush on his shaky scaffold.

Without Wiebren this project would not have seen daylight.

Thank you, Wiebren !

This house goes back to the 16th century and was modified during the course of time,

the last remodeling was around 1750.

It always amazes me to see buildings this old in such good condition, typical northern Europe !

The more you wander to the south the quicker buildings seem to wear.

Our place dates form 1850 and was sort of a ruin already.


Here the order is well on its way,

the flowers were painted in the 18th century tradition.

The leathers painted and hanging to dry before the antiquing is applied.

The colours and the gilding were made to the customers specifications.





 Dutch professional magazine Eisma’s published an editorial on the subject.


It shows the trimming and gluing of the leathers.

A rare opportunity to practice your Dutch….


Wiebren assited by Pauline Kaan


The indisputable proof that hanging the leathers is easy and fun !




A link to Wiebren Dijkstra ‘s site.


Thank you for reading me.

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Sample panels soon to be seen in Paris


Here a good example of a strictly monochrome panel.

One background color painted on an antiqued silvered ground.

The Dragon form our collection dates originally from the 1750’s.

Besides being a rococo design it is worth to note,

  that it is a good and life giving female dragon.

There will also be a

Moncla Polychrome


Here we have a full polychrome panel.

The background paint is sort of bottle green on a flat Silver-gilded ground.

The Moncla is a great classic design probably by Daniel Marot

circa 1720

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Gilt Leather Verentuil on Swedish Baroque Chairs


 I’ve always thought that this sort of Swedish Baroque chair has a strong

Spanish influence.

   It’s through, my knowledge on the subject being limited,

Perhaps you, Dear Reader

can shed some light on this puzzling question.

So far this is, in a nutshell, what I read :

 Apparently our Scandinavian friends didn’t invent their own style.

Instead they copied chairs, removed the excess of clutter and thus,

…… created their own style.

Lages Ab, Our Swedish distributor and talented upholsterer

ordered some Goudleer (giltleather) for a customer whom had chosen

an unusual version of our Verentuil

A specific polychrome paint on a dominant Silvery Mother of Pearl ground.

I had my doubts.

Having seen the chairs these doubts have faded.

Judge for yourself



Best Wishes


MetLife Boardroom Gilt leather panels some more pictures.

Last year I posted on the MetLife Boardroom leathers.

Pictures of this room are hard to get. The posting, however, moved the lines.

Here are some good shots of this unique room, form an unique Co° in the very hart of New York City.





For those interested in thechnical matters of hanging these leathers.

 Mr. Kelly from  http://www.wallpaperscholar.com/  hopes to have a presentation on the subject soon.

Image courtesy of  MetLife NY NY

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French Design Forum London

 London Design Week

Dont pass by this major design event

 While being in London you might just as well visit the

Chandos House near Trafalgar and enjoy

The French Design Forum on March 15

We attend to this Show and be happy to welcome you on our stand along with our new UK distributor

Tatiana Tafur Ltd

 During this one-day event we will introduce some new designs amongst which the never shown Curulle.

At Lutson we  pretend to specialise in bespoke services therefore I carry in my bags samples of prove !!

See you soon In London



The Rebel Panels

  The Rebel Panels

 This posting is about things going wrong but ending smelling like roses.

For instance sometimes panels refuse to dry.

Not only God moves in mysterious ways so do our leathers from time to time.

In a series of panels all treated the same way, one would expect all the panels to react the same. They don’t !!  Hidden in the pack there are rebels, sort of terrorists who have nothing but sabotage in their minds (?)

Earlier in 2010 a customer has chosen a rebel panel as THE sample for a major job. Impossible I told him, you can’t reproduced  a Rebel Panel they are unique !

I almost lost the order, saving half, which was already good considering the sabotage act of the Rebel Panel.

My experience is that Rebel Panels are often nicer than the regular ones, so thought my customer.

Here pictures of Rebel Panels

The paint went off while applying the antiquing, creating an unusual and impossible to reproduce pattern.


This lovely Mandarine panel is one of my favorites.

 And this Ottoman Panel with the faded colours.

 Some failiures give birth to beauty.

There is real joy when experiencing this, as witnessing a small Miracle.

 Ponder this.


   The Lutson Team