Gilt Leather Verentuil on Swedish Baroque Chairs


 I’ve always thought that this sort of Swedish Baroque chair has a strong

Spanish influence.

   It’s through, my knowledge on the subject being limited,

Perhaps you, Dear Reader

can shed some light on this puzzling question.

So far this is, in a nutshell, what I read :

 Apparently our Scandinavian friends didn’t invent their own style.

Instead they copied chairs, removed the excess of clutter and thus,

…… created their own style.

Lages Ab, Our Swedish distributor and talented upholsterer

ordered some Goudleer (giltleather) for a customer whom had chosen

an unusual version of our Verentuil

A specific polychrome paint on a dominant Silvery Mother of Pearl ground.

I had my doubts.

Having seen the chairs these doubts have faded.

Judge for yourself



Best Wishes