Bespoke Moncla II

In the previous posting I showed some pictures of an unfinished Polychrome Moncla Panel.

This posting is kind of before / after topic.

Painted yet unfinished panel
Finisched panel, antiqued and waxed

Detail of the unfinshed panel
Detail of the antiqued and finished panel



AD Interiors 2017

From the 6th  till the 20th September at La Monnaie de Paris

For this years event we were asked by Elliott Barnes to make a wall hanging for his booth at La Monnaie de Paris

Elliott’s interiors are contemporary ……. he designs.

Clean lines, clean comfortable seating, he pays attention to the practical aspects of his interiors.

He uses quality materials and beautiful fabrics, he fascinated by surfaces and textures.

Elliott creates Interiors in which you can relax.

Listen to music, have friends, or eventually… work.

Interiors in which you would you love to live.

As I write they are installing the leathers on the site.

I hope to see you at the vernissage.

As Always




Soleil “large” Decorative Leather Panels

The Soleil is a Lutson creation based on some archive designs.

It is one of the first designs in our  collection.

 The Soleil is a small panel as it had to fit into the press we used  in those days, this were the imperatives !


Soleil 59X49 cm   23X19,29″

Later with the acquisition of a new press came the Large soleil

I already had a posting on the Large Soleil but the pictures were miserable

This one is  definitely better.

The Panel sails to the Tatiana Tafur showroom  King’s Road London for you the  enjoy “sur place”


Large Soleil 120X90 cm  47,24X35,43″

In  the end we made the Large Soleil so big that it had to come in two sections.

As Always


Antependium or Gilt leather Altarpiece in the church of Mont

Finaly, here some pictures of the Antependium of the church of Mont


Verentuil Antependium they have chosen “blend in colours”

Mont is located in the French department of the Hautes Pyrenées

Way in the mountains close to the Spanish Border


The interior of the church is just restored, it took a team of three painters  two years

to restore the wall paintings.

The Church of st Bartolomeo was build in the 12 century and  embellished as time passed by.

Last added was the altarpiece at the end of the 17th century


Next to the alter my friend Alain Lacoste from Atelier 32 the excellent restorers whom took care of the altarpiece


amazingly enough the old altarpiece, which was a painted fresco type altarpiece was conserved behind the “new” sculpted altarpiece.

Mont is tiny village of less than 100 inhabitants, in the 80’s they were less than 20 inhabitants !

Yet, amidst this little community they build this treasure.


Yours Truly


Lutson Leathers at ISGM Boston

The Tapestry Room at ISGM

Chairs With Lutson Leathers in the actual setting at ISGM Picture coutrtecy of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

I’m quite an amateur of the eclectic mix of contemporary furniture  and antiques.

Or antique furniture with modern art.

I love the lived-in interiors, not too neat nor too neglected, rooms filled with memories and faded colours.

This dining area in the Tapestry Room at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is in his “medieval” ways just splendid.

  At ISGM they describe the Tapestry Room as follows:

“The Tapestry Room is one of the few galleries affording room to wander freely. The sense of space and openness that visitors will discover in the restored Tapestry Room will be amazing—and unexpected for many—and a celebration of Gardner’s original vision.”

—Gianfranco Pocobene, Head of Conservation

While  the Tapestry Room was being restored we were asked to reproduce the Giltleather for the dining room chairs .

Some of the original leather panels traveled to our workshop and in cooperation with the conservators we provided new Giltleather.

Korfus on a chair for ISGM Picture courtesy of Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

From the original Giltleather some was gone beyond salvation, mostly the seats.


One back of a chair, though severely damaged, was in good enough, readable state to allow us to recreate the right gilding and the matching colour palette.


The design that lined the chairs is the one we call the “Korfus” and it’s actualy one of the first moulds we made,I believe  it will stay on the catalogue ….. forever !

  Pictures above are courtesy of Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Boston. Many thanks.

As Always


Plaisance Panel


69,5 X 79cm (27,36X31,1”)

 The Plaisance is probably a Flemish design from circa 1750.

The picture bellow shows the original as it can  be seen in the Plantin Moretus Museum Antwerp.

No other archive seems to be available, perhaps some panels are stored in the reserves of decorative arts museums, who will tell.

The original design is small scaled and busy with perhaps more than 70 flowers per panel.

We decided to rescale the design and reduced the amount of flowers to 28.

This way we could contain the work and thus the price per panel it also makes the design more appealing for contemporary designers.

This panel is one of a set made for a customer in Amman Jordan.

Traditionally the color scheme for this panel would be a gilded ground, greenish leafing and polychrome flowers.


This could well be a close match to a 18th century panel.

Some details


To end with, here what a set of 4 looks like, well I hope the upholseter will do a better job than I am on my pc. The aim was to make a square of 4 panels, hmmm it didn’t work out as I expected.


Best Wishes