Double Damask an 18th century gilt leather design

Double Damask is one of those designs sitting in our collection for ages, there is hardly any demand for it and I wonder why. It was one of the first designs we made after we got hold of the book “Spanish Leather” by John W. Waterer published by Fabre and Fabre in 1971 Plate 61 shows 2 pictures of the design

Mr Waterer analyses and describes so well the pattern that I just have his text copied 😉

As he says the leather panel in V&A is tooled leather, which we modified so to add the embossing. Why ?

Anyone’s guess I don’t remember.

An interior in the Boston area
By Annabel Hall (Private Lives) in a Yacht

Its a tricky design, difficult to explain I’ll try to illustrate, stay with me !

A tapestry of 9 sets of 4 panels
A set of 4 quarters 100 X 74 cm 39.37″ X 29.1″
A set of 4 quarters
A set of 4 quarters
A tapestry of 9 quarters carries the 3 designs made of 4 quarters each, as shown above … As clear as crystal !

As Always