MetLife NY Boardroom Leathers

Back in 2004 we were asked to reproduce the leather wall coverings for

MetLife NY

The job and the challenge were considerable.

We made samples for over 8 months, meanwhile the people in charge of the project tried to source other suppliers for the gilded leather in order to secure their need.

In the end we got the order for over 400 panels of gilded leather.

The finalization of the samples was done over here in our workshop, along with Alaxandra Allart form ArtCare Resourses whom traveled all the way to France

    For many years I have been trying to get some pictures of the job which I never physically saw.

    For an unknown reason MetLife has not been very diligent with pictures.

Despite several requests we never got one picture.

Recently however Robert M. Kelly from the Wallpaper Scholar wrote an article on his blog about the dismanteling of the MetLife Boardroom at One Madison Ave and the transfer and rebuild of this imposing room to the penthouse floor at the actual MetLife building which sits atop Grand Central Station

Robert Kelly was one of those involved in the installation of the leathers along with Barry Blanchard, for those who wish to read the whole story click the link:

Perhaps the posting from Robert Kelly and this one might help moving lines and will we finally get some good pictures from our distinguished customer.

Removing the ceiling at One Madison, 2004

This is an original panel which we were to reproduce.

 This picture shows the leathers at One Madison, 2004

unfortunately one can’t judge the poor condition of the leathers from this picture.

In his text Mr kelly describes the contition of the leather extensively

Lutson Leathers installed at the MetLife Building atop Grand Central, 2005

Many thanks to Mr Robert Kelly.

Best Wishes


Swedish Baroque Chair

This is the back of a Swedish Baroque chair, ornate with the original leather. The seats are worn and lost, the remaining leathers have been removed from the chair and are now stored safely.

color samples have been made at first.

Along with Annika our Swedish distributor we discussed the matter of how unusual the Putti looks

Indeed you will notice that he looks like a grown man, which is quite unusual.

The fact is that the we find him not looking like a Putti at all, but a naughty Eros thats what he is !!

The real identity of our Swedish Eros was revealed by Sophie & Jean Marc form

He is no less than Gérard Depardieu 😉


Unfortunately we don’t have a panel with putti’s in our collection.

so we produced 3 Aboncance panels.

The Abondance is from the same style and period. Here painted in a similar coloursceme.

I think the  chairs will look very nice.

As soon as Annika and Leif have the chairs finiched I’ll post some pictures.

As Always


The Dragon

The Dragon 1745  – 1760

The Dragon is the only “real” Rococo design in our collection.

It was made in the right period of time, undoubtedly by a talented ornamentalist. Just looking at the quality of the sculpture tells the story.

Rococo is all about Grotto’s and Rocaille. Nature is slightly twisted, its sensual, unusual and fascinating, it creates an environment that helps escaping the threats of the real world.

Escape reality and live in your own beautiful world was the message. It was the privileged and yet fearing situation of those who lived at the court in Versailles under the reign of Louis XV

Dragons lived in grottos. That’s why the Dragon fits in the whole picture with natural ease. It’s rooted in the romantic European past and it’s venerated in the exotic and in those days unreachable Far East.

The ornamentalists thought it had to be a special Dragon not one breathing fire and sulfur, not one that kills and leaves behind a scene of desolation and destruction.

It had to be the most kind of Dragons a Dragon that gives life and beauty, a reassuring Dragon. The Good Dragon had to be a female Dragon that breathes water from which the Flowers sprout and Life spreads in all its generous beauty.

 In 2002 the “Deutsche Tapetenmuseum” Kassel

purchased the Dragon tapestries that were fitted in a room form “Kasteel De List”  in Shoten near Antwerp

Das Tapetenmuseum has a fabulous collection worth a visit.