Soleil “large” Decorative Leather Panels

The Soleil is a Lutson creation based on some archive designs.

It is one of the first designs in our  collection.

 The Soleil is a small panel as it had to fit into the press we used  in those days, this were the imperatives !


Soleil 59X49 cm   23X19,29″

Later with the acquisition of a new press came the Large soleil

I already had a posting on the Large Soleil but the pictures were miserable

This one is  definitely better.

The Panel sails to the Tatiana Tafur showroom  King’s Road London for you the  enjoy “sur place”


Large Soleil 120X90 cm  47,24X35,43″

In  the end we made the Large Soleil so big that it had to come in two sections.

As Always


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